A Holstram space is specifically designed where guests can fulfill all Five of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Holstram is the pioneering virtual hotel brand that uniquely caters to fulfilling all five levels of Maslow's hierarchy of needs for our guests. From basic physiological needs all the way through self-actualization we ensure a holistic experience that addresses every facet of human well-being. Our holistic approach combines sustainable living, wellness practices, and comfort to create an environment where guests can thrive and reach their full potential. Holstram prioritizizs your holistic well-being at every level.

Holstram stands as a unique brand pioneering the concept of a holistic, sustainable, and wellness-focused virtual hotel experience. We are cultivating a network of spaces that resonate with comfort, wellness, and sustainability. We are disputing the way guests experience short term vacation rental accommodations.

At Holstram our intention is for every environment to be safe, clean, healthy, memorable and inspiring! We are very passionate about the environment and the planet we all share. As an organization we focus sustainability. Whenever possible we try and limit negative impact and enhance positive impact on the Environment, Society, and Governance bodies. 

Our first objective was maximizing the indoor air quality. We want the air you breathe to be pure and clean. We use H/E air filters with a MINIMUM MERV rating of 10 and incorporate Himalayan salt lamps (Halotherapy) in every bedroom. We use eco-friendly Branch Basics nontoxic cleaning products made from plant and mineral based natural ingredients. We design and incorporate robust maintenance and cleaning protocols. All products are safe for humans, pets and the earth.

In our pursuit for environmental sustainability and energy conservation we use Nest learning thermostats and LED light bulbs. Every space offers filtered drinking water. In addition, we use H/E dual flush toilets to conserve water resources. All properties and spaces are professionally maintained. We are committed to paying MORE than living wages to all our staff. We also donate a portion of every booking to Tunnel to Towers Foundation & My Life My Power World, Inc.

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AirBnb Superhost & VRBO Premier Partner.

Guests rate Holstram experiences FIVE STARS 98% of the time!

First-time guests receive 10% off their first booking.

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