Q: Are there any ID verification requirements to reserve the Tesla?

A: Yes! We believe that the short-term rental industry should be a safe place for both hosts and guests to transact. We conduct the same checks on all hosts that use our platform so that you can be confident that you are reserving with a legitimate host. We partner with SUPERHOG who specialize in ID verification and guest screening. Click here to complete the One-Step verification.

Q: Is there a security deposit?

A: YES! there is a $1000 refundable security deposit for the Tesla. The deposit is collected at time of booking as a "hold" on your credit card.

Q: Can I purchase supplemental car rental insurance to protect myself and the vehicle?

A: YES! We partner with bonzah.com which offer more affordable alternatives to car rental insurance.

Q: Can I reduce the amount of security deposit required for the Tesla?

A: YES! If you choose to purchase the Collision Damage Warranty your security deposit will be reduced $500.

Q: If I reserve the Tesla with a property do I need to pay the Tesla cleaning fee?

A: NO! the Tesla cleaning fee is only for guests that reserve the vehicle without a property reservation.

Q: Am I getting a discount for bundling the Tesla with a property?

A: YES! You are receiving a discount of 15%-50% depending on our dates of travel and length of reservation.

Q: Will I be meeting with anyone personally?

A: NO! You will NOT be meeting with anyone! We utilize the latest technology to make your Holstram experience safe, secure, convenient and 100% virtual!

Q: What time can pick up/drop off the vehicle?

A: You may pickup and drop off the Tesla 24/7. We utilize the latest technology to make your Holstram experience safe, secure, convenient and 100% virtual!

Q: Are any photos of the vehicle required to be taken before and after my reservation?

A: YES! Click here to access the guide for taking photos of the vehicle.

Q: Do you have a Tesla Model S renters guide?

A: YES! First, Tesla's are NOT created equal! Most other Tesla Model S (which are NOT performance variants) are limited to "Chill" acceleration, speed restricted to 85 MPH and do NOT offer FREE supercharging or FREE delivery! This can be expressed as quantitatively by stating that over 80% of the Model S are NOT performance models! This P90D is the one of the ONLY Performance Model S that is NOT a Plaid! (In the vicinity of Tampa International Airport (TPA). Performance AWD models are very RARE! These upgrades can cost up to 36K! Please educate yourself on Tesla Model S variations! Review the photos! Look at the badge on the passenger side rear of the car. Many vehicles (rear passenger right) badges are not listed or missing... sometimes intentionally. The Model S with a "P" in front of the 85D/90D/100D number on the rear passenger side badge, say "Plaid" or have a Plaid emblem are Performance AWD models. Bottom line...If the Tesla your considering is NOT a PLAID/P100D/P90D/P85D it is a BASE model! Do not waste money overpaying for a BASE Tesla Model S.

Q: What are the differences in Tesla Model S trim variants?

A: The Model S Plaid is the current performance (P) variant of the Model S. The Model S Plaid was released in 2021, has a Tri-Motor, 1020 HP and is currently the worlds quickest production sedan. You should expect to pay the most for this vehicle.
Second, for every Model S manufactured from 2012-2020 the number (60/75/85/90/100) indicates the battery capacity in kilowatt hours, or kWh. This corresponds to the year of manufacture and vehicles range.
Third, The D after the number indicates if the car has dual motors and all wheel drive (AWD).
Fourth, the "P" denotes the performance variant. P85D/P90D/P100D/Plaid are the performance variants of the Model S. Performance or "P" variants will be more expensive than 60D/75D/85D/90D/100D which are NOT performance models. The (AWD) Performance variant or "P" is up to a 36K upgrade! This vehicle is a P90D with "Insane" acceleration. The MSRP on this Tesla in 12/2014 was $136,200.
Fifth the "P" variants may have 4 types of acceleration. Insane/Insane+ or Ludicrous/Ludicrous+ or Plaid.
Plaid is fastest acceleration at 0-60 in 1.99 seconds and is only found on Plaid models.

Q: What are the differences in Tesla Model S acceleration?

A: Ludicrous is the second fastest acceleration @ 0-60 in 2.4 seconds and found on P100D and some P90D and P85D models. You can also determine if a "P" variant is equipped with Ludicrous acceleration by the badge on passenger side rear of the car. If the P85D/P90D/P100D is UNDERLINED, it denotes Ludicrous acceleration. However, anyone can buy a badge and replace it!
The next fastest acceleration is Insane. Insane is the next fastest acceleration @ 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and found on P85D and some P90D and P100D models.
The plus (+) indicates if the car is equipped with Launch Mode. All Plaids have Launch Mode and some P100D, P90D and P85D models have the Insane + or Ludicrous + variant which denotes Launch Mode.
Launch Mode/Ludicrous +/Insane +/ maximizes speed by heating the battery to its optimum temperature. If the car has been running, this process might take a few minutes. If the car has been sitting idle for a while, the process might require an hour or more. Think of the plus (+) as Tesla’s track-ready feature. Additionally, when you engage Ludicrous + or Insane +, not only does it enable Max Battery Power, but also Launch Mode. Launch Mode delivers even more robust off-the-line acceleration. To activate, the driver must depress the brake pedal while pushing on the accelerator pedal. When the battery has reached its optimum temperature, the driver releases the brake pedal for instant and maximum thrust.
Tesla discourages drivers from operating in Insane +/Ludicrous +/Launch mode. It warns of extra wear on the motors and other systems.
We do NOT allow the use of Insane +/Launch Mode in this vehicle.
If you want to use the Launch Mode feature we recommend and strongly suggest you look for a Model S Plaid. These tri-motor 1020 HP rockets are the currently the quickest production sedans in the world. We can recommend a 2022 Plaid and a fantastic host in the Miami area who would love to accommodate guests that want to experience Launch Mode in the worlds quickest sedan @ 0-60 in 1.99 seconds. Click here to get more information and to reserve this PLAID.

Q: How far can I drive?

A: It depends! The vehicle comes with an initial range of 150-200 Miles. For daily driving the car should only be charged to 80% or 200 miles unless planning a trip. The vehicle can be charged to 100% for a range of approximately 240 miles. The vehicle range will be reduced if driving at higher speeds or accelerating aggressively, the same as if you were driving a gas powered internal combustion engine (ICE).

Q: What is Auto Pilot 1 (AP1) and Auto Pilot 2 (AP2)?

A: AP1—this term refers to the 2014-2016 version of Tesla’s Autopilot hardware, produced by Mobileye with a single camera. This version does not have Smart Summon, Navigate on Autopilot, auto parking, and cannot support Full Self-Driving. It’s common on Model S variants such as P85D, P90D and some P100D models produced prior to October 2016.
—this term refers to the October 2016 and later version of the Autopilot hardware which includes HW2, HW2.5, and HW3 with 8 cameras. This is common in the Model S P100D (although a small number of P100Ds have AP1 hardware).

Q: What are the differences in the Tesla Autopilot Software Package Levels?

A: Auto Pilot (AP1) (This Tesla P90D has this package)
This was the very first Autopilot package for vehicles that included front collision avoidance, lane departure warnings, Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC), and autosteering/braking/accelerating. It also had the ability to auto lane change with turn signal, read speed signs, Autopark (self-parallel & perpendicular park) and Summon (enter or exit parking spots without driver input).

Enhanced Autopilot (EAP)
Enhanced Autopilot was available on the Model S from October 2016 forward. It includes Smart Summon, Navigate on Autopilot, and auto lane changes. It doesn’t include the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control and Autosteer on City Streets (which are included in Full-Self Driving (FSD).

Full-Self Driving (FSD)
Full Self-Driving is really the mother of all Autopilot packages, and it includes everything in Enhanced Auto Pilot (EAP) plus the Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, as well as Autosteer on City Streets.

Q: How do I access the vehicle?

A: All of your access to the vehicle is electronic through the Tesla app. You must download register for the Tesla app. You will then receive a text message invite to be added as a driver on the vehicle. The Tesla app is your access the phone. Please make sure you are using the same cell phone number to register for the app.

Q: What condition is the vehicle in?

A: This Tesla P90D is an excellent condition. When possible the vehicle has been garage kept. An extreme amount of care and consideration have always been taken in maintaining, driving and parking the vehicle.

Q: What type of acceleration does this P90D have?

A: The vehicle has three types of acceleration. They include Chill, Sport, and Insane.
There is a fourth acceleration which is called Insane +/Launch Mode. Using this option is against the guidelines of this vehicle. The only feature of the vehicle that will not be accessible is the Insane +/ Launch Mode feature. There is No Drag Racing/Street Racing/No Launch Mode/Insane +. This causes extra wear on the motors and other systems. Using Launch Mode/Insane + is against the guidelines of the vehicle may result in damage to the vehicle and is NOT permitted. Drag racing/Street racing is illegal in Florida.

Q: Are there age restrictions when renting this vehicle?

A: YES! This vehicle is extremely powerful and expensive. You must be at least 25 years of age to rent the vehicle. You will also have additional security checks and a young driver fee if you are under the age of 30. Responsible driver's only!

Q: Do I need a PIN to drive the car?

A: YES! The car is set up with a four digit pin that you will need in order to drive the vehicle. The PIN will be provided prior to your vehicle pick up.

Q: Do I have to pay for electricity? How much does it cost for supercharging?

A: NO! ZERO! Save money NOT paying for gas or electricity! This vehicle is equipped with FREE supercharging! With 40,000+ Superchargers, Tesla operates the largest global, fast charging network in the world. Located on major routes near convenient amenities, Superchargers keep you charged when you're away from home. Watch Netflix, HULU, Disney + or play a video game on the 17" screen while you charge. Simply plug in, charge and go!

Q: How long does it take to charge?

A: It depends! Supercharging from 50 miles of to 200 miles which is approximately (80%) takes approximately 35 min. If on road trip charging to 95% to 100% will take longer. This also depends on the type of supercharger and the temperature of the batteries. Watch Netflix, HULU, Disney + or play a video game on the 17" screen while you charge. Simply plug in, charge and go!

Q: How common are EV's? Is this Model S P90D RARE?

A: YES! This vehicle is RARE. Its is currently estimated around 1% percent of the 250 million cars on American roads are electric. However, that's not all. This Tesla P90D uses dual electric motors along with all-wheel drive technology to deliver a supercar-smashing 691 HP in 'Insane' mode. The Tesla P90D is capable of 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds. In 2014, the Tesla P85D model earned the label of the "The World's Quickest Sedan". This Tesla P85D was upgraded to a 90kWh battery pack for extended range upgrading the vehicle a P90D.

Q: What is regenerative braking?

A: You will not use the brake the same way in this vehicle. When you remove your foot from the accelerator the car will slow itself down. Whenever the Model S is moving and your foot is off the accelerator, regenerative braking slows down the vehicle and feeds any surplus power back to the Battery. By anticipating your stops and reducing or removing pressure from the accelerator pedal to slow down, you can take advantage of regenerative braking to increase driving range. It is a very different experience from an internal combustion engine (ICE).