What is Quantum Care?

Holstram is proud to partner with Dr. Stacy Musselman founder @ YourQuantumCare.com

The Quantum Care program will help you achieve your healthcare goals! The Quantum Care program accomplishes this by making subtle sustainable changes and by empowering YOU to be proactive in your own healthcare. This is the Quantum Care way!

Dr. Musselman is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who practices Natural Medicine, specializing in preventive care and overall wellness. She is also a Certified Corporate Wellness Coach who facilitates healthy lifestyles to major corporations based in South Florida. Dr. Musselman has an undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida and also holds a Masters Degree in Nutrition. She completed her Doctorate and Ph.D. in Natural Medicine with her dissertation research focused on quantum protocols to improve bio-markers and overall health. Dr. Musselman holds a Master Certification in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) and is ODX trained and a certified ODX practitioner. Dr. Musselman starts with a comprehensive panel of bloodwork to assess the probability of dysfunction. Quantum Reflex Analysis or QRA is then implemented to find the interference fields that are testing off with the meridians associated with the organ/gland in question.

For more information about Dr. Stacy Musselman and Quantum Care please click here